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an ongoing threat. >> it has been a week from hell. >> he was at a school where he teaches english and escaped with the contents of his bag. >> i was told not to go to my apartment and had to get an emergency passport. >> they had to call the state department and networking with friends. >> we are so grateful he is here. there is corned beef and cabbage. >> it has been an exciting adventure. i have a good it two or three days worth of storytelling and i've happy to be home and sleep in my bed. >> they just left a little while ago on the way home to baltimore. he says he will stay but he is headed back to japan in early april where he says his school plans on having class's. a piece of technology has
5:48 pm
brought a family back together after spending years apart. on saturday, one family welcomed home there labrador mix at the eastern iowa airport. someone stole her in 2007 when she was a puppy. the family moved from washington state to i love it said they never forgot about their pet. >> i thought for sure we lost her. >> the dog was recently found wandering along a lake in fort lewis washington. a microchip helped her find the owners but there's no way of knowing who stole her. they say they're so happy they halt the -- that the microchip helped to reunite them with their dog. >> that's a good reason to have one put on every pack. let's see what's coming up at 6:00. >> here are some of the stories
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we're working on -- the u.s. has joined an international coalition to use force against muammar gaddafi. we will tell you what is ahead for this war-torn investigation. the military investigates after gruesome photos resurface involving two american soldiers in afghanistan. those stories are at 6:00. let's take a look at what is going on with the weather. >> the first full day of spring and we had thunderstorms in the morning. more showers and storms but let's get started to the west of the metro area with a lot of yellow and red specks -- those are developing thunderstorms moving out of west virginia. if you live near woodstock, you are getting hammered right now. we can take a larger view by looking at the storms can.
5:50 pm
showers and storm stretching back to ohio with individual storms popping up. through the night isolated showers and thunderstorms but many in the '70s and a delightful whether in the '60s. a chance of thundershowers through the evening hours eventually dropping to the '60s. isolated showers should end in the overnight hours. a cold front will slip to this out and set the stage for showers and more thunderstorms on wednesday afternoon. going to be a busy whether week but it will clear out and turn cooler heading into thursday and friday. more showers possible over the weekend. all old to much basketball
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over the weekend. >> the great 8 is now sidelines and everyone hopes it's not as serious as the caps say. the official word is alex will be sidelined with an undisclosed illness for seven to 10 days. you want to have your guys fresh for the playoffs but the caps are second in the east behind philadelphia. you want him in the game but he has some nagging injuries. the team wants him healed by playoff time. we will keep you posted and have the latest at 6:00. the georgetown women and the maryland lady terps will meet tomorrow having advanced through the first two rounds with these.
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they are meeting in college park. while the young terrapins are being humble and quiet the others are chirpy little bit. >> i don't think we are concerned as far as what the team has done. we are playing the girls to step out on the floor. i am a local kids ally had an opportunity to watch those teams. things have changed. not that they are not a very good team, but we are playing and it's about the kids on the floor now. >> the very well set and confident. i will watch that game to our night. the barry bonds perjury trial has begun. jury selection started today. the all-time home run king is charged with lying to the jury when he denied knowing using any
5:53 pm
performance enhancing drugs. the first taurus to get 100 prospective jurors 2012. that trial will be interesting and fun to watch. fun is not the right word. thank you for helping us. >> the pothole problem is worse than ever but the district is taking action to fix the problem. we will tell
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metro is laying out plans to improve its crumbling system. the agency plans to spend more than $850 million in its budget to replace railcars and portions of track and refurbishing elevators and escalators. popples can wreck your car
5:57 pm
and now that winter is over, pot holes are everywhere. >> today the district started a full-scale attack to smooth out your bumpy ride. the mayor is counting on the president's to point crews in the right direction. >> the potholes' drivers, how tough are the potholes'? >> there are hard on the car. >> somebody had to get triple a to come pull them out of the whole. >> start to jackhammers. it is the first day of spring. >> we've all had the first -- with all had the experience of running a car into the pot hole. it is anchoring. >> the mayor looked on as crews kicked off an assault on the axle-eating holes in the road. the city is committed to fixing potholes within 48 hours but the mayor is challenging the transportation department to get them filled in 24 hours. >> pot holes are painful, but
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the mayor says instead of cringing, you have to pick up the phone and call. but stopped the car first. >> residents should call 311 when they hit the bump and report the location. the city will send out crews or this truck, the possible killer. -- the pothole killer. it is a tar-pavement baxter sprayed into the hole. >> they do it once a month and keeps sinking. >> it's a nice machine and it works good but there's not enough tar. >> that's going to do it for us at 5:00. i have been told my sister had been murdered. it was devastating. it killed me. >> family in mourning after learning their daughters co-
5:59 pm
worker might be her killer. new details about what went on that fateful night. is of the libyan army poised for an attack on the ground? what is america's next move? rescue crews and share their stories after delivering aid to japan. >> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side.

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